Instead of rating books on a scale of 1-10 or five stars or a point system, I figured it might be more effective to judge how far you should go to read a book.

Like, would you lie to your bff about having to clean your room so you can stay in all day and read it? Would you set the Library at Alexandria on fire all over again to get a chance at a copy?

Or maybe, you should ignore it if you saw a copy sitting on a park bench with a sticky note that says “READ ME” on it, even though it’s free and someone obviously wants you to read it. Or is it SO TERRIBLE that even if a super hot guy offered to feed you grapes and read it aloud to you while vacuuming your apartment, you should say no?

I’m just saying, I think this system really gets to the heart of the matter. Plus, it’s kind of like a party game!

“How far would you go to read the unpublished, half-finished manuscript of the prequel to Harry Potter?” (NO THAT DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST…damn it)

“What would you refuse so that you never had to read that scene in Breaking Dawn with the uterus and the teeth and the blood and the spine breaking?” (Um, pretty much everything.)