It’s been so long since I last posted that WordPress has completely reformatted itself and I no longer understand how to blog. It looks easier, but I am reminded that cliches are cliches for a reason, as looks are freaking deceiving.

Before I get to reviewing, a few changes. I like discussing books. I like recommending books. But reviewing books seems a little weird now, because I Work In Publishing, and I feel as though I can no longer pretend to have an objective voice. YOU may not know what house I work for, but I do, and that affects what I think.

So how about this. I’ll still talk about books, and if I love a book (like the one I’ve chosen to start the year with), I will absolutely tell you. But I’m not going to be super judgy or formulaic anymore. And my posts might be more literary and current events oriented, since I no longer have weekly coffee hours with my advisor during which to talk about anything and everything YA literature related. 

Oh yeah, and for those wondering if I did in fact make it through the crazed, nearly psychotic break inducing last six weeks of my last semester of college, I did.