I’m in the midst of trying to make several large life decisions (graduation? travel? living situation? life plan? does life have meaning?). I need some help, and I started thinking about what characters I’d like to talk to. Originally I thought Dumbledore, but then I realized that he would just be all “Follow your heart and do what’s right,” kind of like my dad (thanks, Dad).  So here’s who I figure would actually help me out.

1. Gandalf

Where Dumbledore would be all serene and tell me to follow my heart, Gandalf would kick me in the butt and get me out the door, moving on to the next adventure in my life. If he was able to shake up a couple of Hobbits, there is no doubt that he’d be able to get me on my way.

2. Gladys from Second Helpings

Jess Darling’s grandmother always has the right advice when she’s trying to figure out what to do next, and I could really use some of her hilarious wisdom right about now.

3. Luna Lovegood

As much help as I’m sure the older generation would have plenty of wisdom to give me, there would be nothing like stressing out to Luna and having her tell me, oh so serenely, that I need to get those nargles or whatever out of my head and then everything will be fine.

4. Anastasia Krupnik’s parents

One of my complaints about YA lit is the blatant lack of parents who are willing to talk things out with their kids. Not so with Anastasia. They would sit with me and tell me to follow my dreams, but they would also be realistic. Two artists with two kids have definitely learned the balancing act in life.

5. Leslie Burke

Bridge to Terabithia never fails to make me cry, which is why I think it would be so powerful to talk with Leslie and see what she thinks. I’d ask what she would have done at my age, if she’d had the chance to make the decisions I’m making. Her answer, I’m sure, would be filled with the kind of creativity and hope that is found only in the perpetually young.