So I know y’all follow my blog religiously and you know I read this book while at the beach a week and a half ago (sorry for the delay, I was knocked out by a vicious virus for a few days). It didn’t disappoint!

Speed Read:

Something terrible has happened. Anna’s parents have sent her to boarding school in Paris.

Ok, ok. I know. Bear with me, I swear it’s worse than it sounds.

Then, when she gets there, she meets this absolutely dreamy guy, Etienne, who jokes around with her and orders her lunch in French for her (due to her lack of speaking French) and shows her around Paris and becomes her best friend. But he has a girlfriend. And then other stuff happens and the world just wants to keep them apart and Anna doesn’t know what to do.

   The Deal:

Ok so in retrospect Anna and the French Kiss sounds a lot like Twilight. Girl has to move somewhere beautiful against her will. Girl meets amazing guy who quickly falls for her but is off limits. Girl must decide How To Deal. But where Twilight is about whirlwind romance between two people that have almost nothing in common, Anna and Etienne get to know each other slowly. Their relationship builds over time, and the circumstances keeping them apart are actually understandable. While it’s totally swoony and awesome, it’s also not out of the range of emotional possibility for high schoolers. Ah, refreshing.

Also, Anna is kickass. She isn’t preoccupied by her looks (except to debate bleaching a stripe in her hair…sweet), she’s funny, and she loves her family dearly. She is insecure about the things that actually matter, like if the people at her new school will like her or if her little brother will forget her. I was totally routing for her, and I cannot WAIT for Stephanie Perkins’ next book, Lola and The Boy Next Door, coming out this fall!

How Far Should You Go:

If you open up your locker one day to a mysterious note saying that the last copy of this book is somewhere in Paris and you have to find it if you ever want to read it, don’t hesitate to steal your parent’s credit card to buy that plane ticket. I mean, if you get there and a small child already has it and they are clinging to it for dear life, don’t sacrifice your integrity to steal it, but do everything you can to be the first one to get there.

The 13/16 Test:

Everyone’s good. I’ll probably actually lend it to Thirteen when I see her next.

The Low Down:

Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publisher: Speak
Published: August 4th, 2011
Classified as: Young Adult