Diversify in YA is a really great book blog that aims to further publicize books that actually, you know, have people other than straight, white people in them (not that we aren’t cool or anything, but straight, white people aren’t what it’s all about all the time).

To participate, just start reading some YA books that feature minority or LGBT characters or were written by minority or LGBT authors, and then write an essay of at least 500 words about your experience. Post that essay on your blog, your facebook, your tumblr, wherever, and then fill out the form that you can find on this page.

Need some ideas for great books to read? Look here and here!

Diversity in YA literature is something that I really, really believe in, and I think you’ll be surprised about how much you can change just by reading something that’s a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Oh yeah! Hello, it’s a contest! Two judges will read every single essay, and a winner will get a bunch of amazing prizes from publishers who are sending donated prizes to Diversify in YA right now!